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Organizational Culture Across Geographical Lines

Questions: How does organizational culture impact individual values, motivation, and/or job satisfaction? As we become increasingly mobile as a population, geographical differences become more visible. How do you see this trend affecting your organizational culture? If employees have values and attitudes that differ from the organization, is this an issue? How does diversity and individual differences impact your organizational culture?

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As an overall answer to the questions, I think it is good to decide what a company culture is and what it needs. Company/organizational culture includes elements of work needs, ethics, standards of operations, language, and traditions. One of the things that companies must do during these times is become flexible and make room for diversity and the needs of employees. Individually the company and the people working for it have specific and abstract ideas and needs that must be met for all to be successful.

Diversity is not new, but it is more vital today than every before. In the world at large and specific regions, countries, states, and localities, diverse populations are becoming more common. An example is the growing population of Hispanics in the community where I live. Sadly, it was a surprise to many, especially business leaders, that there was such a large group that had ...