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    Culture Difference in Time Value, Judgement and Persuasion

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    1. What are some of the reasons it might be beneficial to speak a second or third language? For those who speak multiple languages, in what places, relationships, and settings do you use different languages?

    2. Cultures use and value time differently. What kinds of judgments might be made of those who use time differently from the ways that your culture does? How might one resolve a cultural conflict about the use and value of time?

    3. Why might one make judgments about others because they spoke more loudly or softly, or more rapidly or more slowly, than another person? If so, what might the judgments be? How are these judgments connected to cultural differences in vocal communication?

    4. How would you describe your culture's persuasive style? How do your own preferred ways of persuading others reflect your culture's persuasive style?

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    1. What are some of the reasons it might be beneficial to speak a second or third language?

    Today's world is smaller than ever before with improvements to technology, allowing employees and students to live in one country and work or attend class in another. Speaking a second language will only enhance the worker's value to him/herself and the business, but can also afford a student living in Saudi Arabia to attend an American school without ever leaving his/her homeland.

    The knowledge an individual can bring to a business or student by knowing more than one language is invaluable. Multi-lingual individuals tend to be successful in the business world because they bring an asset. When dealing with a businessman in Spain, an employee with an American company can assist with the translation and presentation to secure the deal for his/her company. ...

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