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Understanding and managing organizational behavior - ideas for paper

Start now by developing a paper which addresses:
-the management of ability
-organizational commitment
-job satisfaction
-organizational ethics
while engaging the step by step analytical process keep in mind the differrences that exist between FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen.For example ,think about the management of ability.State the what the corporate culture and work environment is like at Aberdeen,then at Green River. How does each operation make the best use of its employees' skill sets?Based on the corporate culture ,identify an alterate method for them to leverage teir employees abilities .Will the methodology you select for Aberdeen work at Green River.?How will you implement your recommendation at each facility?
Kenneth Dailey, site manager for FMC Corporation 'Green River

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Management of ability
The Bob Lancaster model enables the employees to do what they want provided they meet the goals of the organization. The Aberdeen model seeks to empower the employees to work according to their own method provided they understood and fulfilled their responsibilities and were not dishonest.
There is a system of training and certification by which the employee can learn and get his skills certified. The abilities of the employees were encouraged and enhanced by getting an employee to get more skills certified which in turn would lead to an increase of salary.
The abilities in the company were not held by individuals but were shared. This was done by encouraging individuals to find teachers who would teach them. This ensured that the skills of the teachers were passed on the employees who were taught.
Alternative methods that can be implemented at Green River would be offering them an option to form work teams that would be empowered to take up projects and complete them with joint responsibility. This can be implemented by mooting the proposal with the union.

Organizational Commitment
Each operation makes the best use of its employees in Aberdeen by making them a part of a team process. Each member feels an integral part of a team and works towards the team process. In contrast at Green River, it is the process of specialization that makes use of its employees. It is a traditional factory system with focus on division of labor and developing expertise in a small area of work. Participative management was tool used to increase organizational commitment at Aberdeen. Groups were formed ...