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Organizations' Performance Comparison

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Pick a well-known company that you feel is performing very highly and one that is not. Provide ten reasons why the two companies' performances are so dissimilar.

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The solution provides assistance in the form of ten points to use to judge the performance of a company in general, looking specifically at FedEx's success. 423 words.

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The purpose of the problem is to let you explore how a major organization uses business tools to improve its performance. You are required to use two examples from the industry and see how these exceptional examples can be contrasted. I have taken the example of Federal Express that has been mentioned in the problem. The reason is that this company uses business tools in conjunction with information technology and has wide applicability in different industries. Also a lot of information about the company's operations is easily available from its website. As you may notice that even though we have mentioned techniques mainly in operations management, these tools can easily be used ...

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