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Define what is an "open employee" within this article

Define what an "open employee" is within this article.

The article indicates that open employees are creative, have intellectual curiosity, embrace diversity, like to challenge tradition and ultimately are open to experience. However, I need to present this information in one power point slide...and I do not want to read the slide (i.e the points I just stated.) I am basically looking for a quick script that I can use for this slide- extrapolating on the points.

Please help me, also can the OTA name any famous actors or characters whom them believe to be open employees?


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I looked at your problem more than once because I was curious about the subject. I've certainly seen such employees over the years. After some reading, I realized that while you may describe an 'open employee', the real issue is that management must allow 'open employee' the freedom to express their ideas and issues. An open management style must be part of the combination ...

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The 240-word solution expands the concept of open employee to include the organization. Following the general discussion, two examples are presented followed by a reference to a scholarly article which could be of value.