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    Supply Chain Managment: Sustainability Programs

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    Select a fashion company and research their sustainability postures. Describe the company's program.

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    I have selected H&M to research their sustainability program. H&M made a conscious choice to create fashion that is desirable and accessible to the masses. H&M is creating fashion for the future that uses new materials and clothes-making techniques. H&M has conscious fashion that is easily identified by the green hand tag. The main raw material in H&M clothing is cotton. Currently, H&M uses 15.8% of its cotton from sustainable sources. H&M's goal is to have more sustainable sources by 2022.

    Recycle wool is used in heavier, outdoor clothing. H&M generates recycled wool from waste components and cut-offs as ...

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    This is an examination of a fashion company and their sustainability postures. The expert selects a fashion company, researches the sustainability postures and describes the company's program. A references is provided to aid in the understanding. The company that the expert has selected is H&M and its sustainability program.