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In 2-5 pages only with a solid rephrasing of the research with your own, write a discussion/essay about the heavy and outsized cargo challenges the industry is facing locally and globally?

Also, discuss a typical day of a senior executive air cargo operations globally, from a stand point of operations to maintaining the geo-political aspect of operations.

How would a degree in international relations assist me in furthering my career objectives as well as advances my understanding of the global geo-political landscape when running such a global corporations in multi continent.

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In the following paper, we are going to discuss a brief introduction of outsized and heavy weight cargo industry. We will also discuss few factors, which affect the working style of the industry which ultimately affects the profit.


The need of transportation, in today's uncertain economic environment, is increased because of the factors like international economic integration, globalization of markets, opening of world market and the world free trade policies. We can say that the transportation is one of the most important necessities for the growth of an economy because it helps in the expansion of opportunities and acts as a factor in maintaining the competitive position in the industry. The power of resilience to competitively handle the unforeseen demand is another important factor required for maintaining competitive advantage.

Cargo industry mainly depends on communication and information technologies. The knowledge of customer's needs and the importance of goods or service are also important criteria for achieving success in cargo industry. The value of time is very important in almost every type of business whether big or small, local or global (National Cooperative Highway Research Program, National Research Council (U.S.), Transportation Research Board, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, United States and Federal Highway Administration, 1999).

Timely delivery of goods is the foremost priority of every business because every organization wants to satisfy their customers by providing them the best and the most reliable services. Today, it has become important to increase the efficiency of the business by improving pick up facility, timely and reliable delivery, fast information, and other infrastructural facilities. In other words, efficient and quick customer service provides a competitive advantage to players of the cargo industry in current world economic environment. The growth of the cargo industry is mainly stimulated by this need of the business environment.

Heavy and Outsized Cargo

After discussing the introduction of the cargo industry, in the following section, we will discuss various challenges which the cargo industry faces while handling the day-to-day operations and also the ways to handle them efficiently.

Challenges faced ...

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