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Leadership Training Programs

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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of IHG's Virtual Leadership Development Program for (a) the company and (b) the employees?

2. Many companies are using a blend of technological and traditional methods. What other traditional methods, if added to current one, would make the training program more effective?

3. Does IHG's evaluation of the training program make a strong business case for it?

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Leadership training programs are essential to a company's success. To make such training available to many, economically and conveniently, companies are using virtual leadership training programs.

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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of IHG's Virtual Leadership Development Program for (a) the company and (b) the employees?

Such a program has many advantages from the company's point of view.

It is flexible and can be held, with prior notice at any time and place.
It is a convenient mode of delivering the program--convenient for company because it can be held in-house without additional cost. The employees can also benefit because they will all probably be present at the company's workplace or nearby. What with everyone possessing a hand-held device, location need not pose a problem.
Delivery can reach a geographically dispersed participants. In theory, the same leadership program can reach all of the six continents of the world.
Can save travel costs which ordinarily the company has to pay.
There can also be substantial reduction in time when compared to traditional, face-to-face methods.
This method of training is also very economical.
If done well, the program can be very ...

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