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Procurement Management - Formal Proposal Submission Assignment

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I am required to identify an opportunity through https://www.Fbo.gov and follow the instructions which are attached.

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Arise Consulting Services
Medfield Road 1304
Raleigh NC 27607-4720
The National Institute of Environment Health Science (NIEHS)
Research Triangle Park, NC
Dear, Sir/Madam,
In response to the consulting services that have been advertised at the federal business opportunity with solicitation number: BDM2409929. The Agency being the department of health and human services, our organization 'Arise consulting services' is delighted to have this opportunity. Through the services that are offered in the organization, the expected quality service in animal care is guaranteed. Our organization is well conversant with the act of providing molecular diagnostic techniques, health monitoring techniques that are effective and great customer relation services. This should give you the confidence that our consulting services with offer the National Institute of Environment Health Services high quality animal care.
The accompanying proposal provides the extremely comprehensive qualities of the company that meets all the requirements that have been outlined in the federal business opportunities site. All our services will hence be committed to meeting the needs of the organization in the required time.
Many thanks as we look forward to this business opportunity of working with an organization that is reputable as we are certain that it will be a successful business partnership.
Sincerely, Manager, Arise Consulting Services.
Technical Approaches to the opportunities
The operations of our organization are well structured to offer after care to all the animals in a manner that is affordable and convenient. All the facilities in the organization are placed in manner that will ensure that the highest standards have been maintained. The services that are being offered in the organization are:
Physical Examination and Vaccinations
In the physical examination center of the organization, the animal consulting center has detailed annual exams and vaccinations to all the animals that are tended to by the organization's care givers. It is significant to state that these physical exams and the vaccinations are very important to the animal in their general well being. The services that are offered in the organization also provide the individualized flea and tick control program to the animals so that the problems that are faced in terms of the ticks. Preventive measures are also used in the animals to ensure that the health of the animals is well taken of. This is aimed at reducing the high risk of pest infestation that most of time goes without notice to the owners of the animals. The unique aspect of the services that the organization offers is the specific development of programs that are custom made to suit the needs of each of the animals under our care.
Under the physical examinations and vaccination services that are offered by the company, there is the puppy and the kitten care services that ensure that all young animals are monitored and have all there needs tended to. Preventative medical care is also offered to the company esteemed clients. Senior well care programs are also in the operations of the organization for the great maturity of the companion animal health couples with emergency care services where the owner can be able to call in to obtain the needed agent care for their animals in times of crisis. The fact that we have experts in the organization who are well vast comparative medicine we have microchip identification services that guaranteed the owner total safety of their animals (Services, n.d).
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
The operations of the animal care consulting services are able to undertake proper diagnosis procedures as well as treatments. In the processes of analyzing the animal medical condition, a body scan is undertaken so as all the systems of the animal are checked. The functioning capacity of the animals is hence verified with regards to how the animal is feeling. Their energy level are analyzed and the proper diagnosis made for the proper care that should be given to ensure that the animal leads a healthy and
Surgical services to the animal. Through the following company equipments: radiology, ultrasounds and the well equipped laboratories, the therapeutic and diagnosis services of the organization promise proper care of the animals.

Our surgical room for the animals that we value

To safeguard the health of the animals, the organization has the most effective medications. With regards to the problems that the animals have, the relevant medicine prescription is provided to the owner to ensure that the animal is healthy. Complete inventories of all the medications given to the animal are always kept in the organization's data system for the better care of the animals. This is bound to help in future referrals that will be needed for the relevant treatment of the animals. The operations of this animal care consulting services also works with a compounding ...

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The procurement management for formal proposal submission assignments are determined.

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