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    Job searching and resume building

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    1. Research three companies you might like to work for. Use the internet, library, trade journals, Chamber of Commerce, or other sources to locate this information. In a narrative format provide the following information: name of the company, what the company does, locations, website address (if there is one), phone number, type of position you are interested in within the company, how to apply, positive aspects on company, negative aspects on company, and three things you learned about the company or organization. These might include size, mission, mission statement, growth projection, etc.

    2. Choose one of the three companies researched and develop a resume for the position identified in the case summary.

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    1. Saddle Creek Logistics Services is a 3rd party logistics provider. Saddle Creek has made it their mission to give exceptional logistics solutions and service to their customers. The motto is "Whatever It Takes!" Saddle has the following core services: warehousing, transportation, packaging and fulfillment in the form of a single source integrated logistics solutions.

    Saddle Creek has more than 2,000 experienced associates. The vertical market expertise in the food & beverage, electronics, recreation and more. They have more than 14 million square feet of warehouse space. Their 28 facilities are strategically located throughout the United States. The 28 facilitates are located in the following places: Lakeland, Florida, Leesburg, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Macon, Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Richmond, Virginia, Florence, New Jersey, Lexington, Kentucky, Chicago, Illinois, Corinth, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee, Waco, Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, San Diego, California, Modesto, California and Southern California. The corporate headquarters is located in Lakeland, Florida. The Corporate phone number is 863-665-0966. The Toll Free number is 866-668-0966. The Sales department phone number is 888-878-1177. The driver recruiter phone number is 866-432-2244. Saddle Creek has ISO certification, which shows that the company meets the international standards. Finally, Saddle Creek has advanced technology.

    Saddle Creek will bring their 40 years of experience as a family owned company that provides outstanding service to all of their customers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and online merchants. Saddle Creek goes out of their way to customize 3rd party logistics solutions that will meet Saddle Creek advantage will lead to increase speed to market, accommodate fluctuations, control supply chain costs, improve service to customers and a focus on core competency.

    Saddle Creek's motto of "Whatever It Takes!" is not just a slogan, it's the way the company approaches a customer's third party logistics needs. Since the company creation in 1966, the company is driven by strong values ...

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