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    Nestle Motivation of Employees

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    Applied Paper - Employee Motivatiom
    Submit a paper outlining the processes or programs used to motivate employees in nestle Include the policies or practices (formal or informal) that leaders use to increase levels of performance. If you were a manager, what would you do to better motivate people?
    Cite references or readings as necessary to support your arguments and opinions.
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    Nestle has put a significant importance on the motivation of employees because it has been determined that employees will be more satisfied with their jobs and also provide better customer service and higher volumes of sales. Organizations that motivate their employees create job satisfacation for personnel allowing individuals to feel empowered and encouraged to support the organization to the best of the abilities. Job satisfaction through motivation also creates a lower turnover of employees which provides a better work environment for other empoloyees and also saves organizations time and money in recruiting efforts (Nestle, 2014).
    Nestle (2013) sets high expectations for employees but also provides them with the tools that they will need in order to be successful. Team building and special training sessions are crucial to motivate employees. Training is completed online, on the job training during normal working hours, and also through mentorship programs with other employees. Employees must have a full understanding of the organization so they are familiar with how the company was started, where the company currently stands competively, and also what the future holds for the company. An employee that is fully aware of the future will be more likely to stay for the long term which makes turnover for the organization much less of a risk.
    Nestle (2013) has conducted training sessions in the past that provided a guided discussion through the mission statement of the organization, job skills for a variety of positions so that each employee is aware of what others within the company do, tastings of different items the organization offers the general public, deteailed ...

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