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International Job Search - Nestle

1. Outline the recruitment strategies of Nestle

2. Explain how Nestle classifies their job opportunities and what assumptions can be made about the classifications.

3. Determine how the following factors assist in deciding the optimal mix of home and host country employees in the organization:

a. The type of international assignment
b. The culture and language preparedness of the employee
c. The length of the assignment
d. The host and home country recruitment and selection practices
e. Staff availability and skill set

4. Identify information on expatriate programs included in the listing and company Web site. Based on the information you have found about the company, recommend additional components to include in their expatriate programs. Determine how each component strategically benefits the company and its employees.

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Nestles recruitment strategies include job fairs at college campuses and through ads on the internets job source websites. They also have information about jobs on both their USA and Worldwide website. Also on their website, there are videos where you hear executives discussing Nestle. They have also used positive branding (the candy bar commercials, the QUIK rabbit etc., Purina dog and cat foods etc). Lastly, through their showing the prospective employees the office, there are colorful videos for them to watch.

Nestle classifies 2. Nestle classifies its jobs like this with at least 12 different employment types. These include Admin/Clerical, Engineering/Maintenance, Finance, Logistics, HR, Tech. services, and factory, among others. So, as one can tell by both all of the types of jobs Nestle has, and the separate phone numbers for each department (in just Nestle USA, never mind anywhere else), it's a very, large and diversified corporation. One can also tell from the all of the different departments at Nestle, that Nestle considers each one to be separate sections and one or a few of these sections is most likely overseen by a VP.

3. Determine how the following factors assist in deciding the optimal mix of home and host country employees in the organization: The following is what I feel about the subject-

a. The type of international assignment-This would help with deciding who is best qualified for the job in terms of not only skills, but also for personality, temperament and any foreign language skills. This would help the company decide which candidates from both "sides of the pond" would be best suited for it. Also, how old is the candidate, or how young, how experienced.

b. Besides the language(s) spoken (both sides of the mutual arrangement), the culture of both the assignment and the assignee matter. For instance, Nestle may not want to send a Jew to a Muslim country or vice versa. This would help the company decide which candidate would be best suited for it.

c. For the length of the assignment, besides the candidate's personality, Nestle needs to consider whether she or he is married, and if they are there children, and if so, what age. This would help the companies decide which candidates would be best suited for it. The first two sentences, definitely apply more to the visitor.

d. ...

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