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Dissemination of information to the public

Think of a piece of information that has either been successfully or unsuccessfully diffused in current American society or globally (other than the metric system example).
1. Why was it successful or unsuccessful?
2. From what source(s) does the information originate?
3. What is the value of the information? And how did you determine its value?

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I suggest that you choose the Nestle Infant Formula controversy as your piece of information that has been disseminated world-wide. It has been a successful financial advertising campaign, and a disastrous health campaign for children. The sources from which the information originates are the companies who manufacture breast milk replacement formulas, or infant feeding formula, including Nestle, Similac and other similar companies. The value of the information is significant for the minor percentage of women who are unable to breast feed their children, for whatever reason. It has been disastrous for mothers who are not so afflicted, since they are spending money they do not have, in many cases, for a product they have been led to believe they need, which cannot be further from the truth.

Nature provides the perfect food for infants in the mother's breast milk. Infant formula was designed for those cases when a mother cannot naturally feed her baby, and it is valuable in ...

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Discussion of two examples of information disseminated to the public, Nestle's infant formula controversy and making the change to high definition television, with comments upont the successes and problems with both campaigns to educate the public.