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    Employee Motivation: Analyze differences between FMC Aberdeen and Green River

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    Create an analysis regarding the Organizational differences between FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River, focusing on employee motivation:

    What do you see as some of the major challenges of organizational behavior and management over the next several decades that both FMC locations; Green River and Aberdeen will have to consider-with particular emphasis on
    ? Job Design and Goal Setting
    ? Performance Appraisal
    ? Pay
    ? Career Development
    While engaging the analytical process consider the differences that exist between FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen. Continue to think in terms if jobs would be structured the same way in both facilities. What about differences in pay, performance appraisals, and developing a career path? What would work at the Wyoming facility and why? Include your thoughts on these issues with your analysis

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    Particularly in case of performance appraisal, if the company is located in accessible or remote areas it is fair to have an employee appraised positively, he should be appreciated for his efforts and his fault unless grave should be overlooked however, where normal employee conditions exist, the appraisal should be normal. However, in each case the employee involvement in appraisal should be there and effective communication should persist. In case of pay and career development: Please note that an organizational history of stable, measurable performance appraisal creates a healthy organizational environment. Perceptions of relationship by employees between their work and pay should be very clear. In case another organization is similarly located as FMC in River Green, then the suggestions about a higher pay package apply. The work culture at Green River is different from the work culture at Aberdeen plant. The fact that the team that has returned from the work culture study at Aberdeen plant is enthusiastic about introducing similar elements at Green Valley is indicative of the fact that they may take up and encourage the adapting of the Aberdeen model at Green Valley.

    Job Design and Goal Setting: It is expected that the employee will not be a local and will have to move in to live in Green River. So the person must be given goals that are consonant with irregular delivery schedules, intermittent power and infrastructure. To work in near wilderness conditions, the employees should have support and commitment form top management and union leaders that there will be a participative form of job design and goal setting.

    ? Task Variety
    o The ability to vary the tasks performed and to move about at various times during the day. This variation provides a change in mental activity as well as physical well-being through movement and changes in body postures. This is possible easily at Green River but not at Aberdeen.
    ? Task Identity
    o Where possible, tasks should fit together to make a complete job since this gives the employee a sense of doing a whole job ...

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