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    Targeted Marketing

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    How would you market an Apple iPhone to a middle-aged man compared to a teenage girl? Is it the same?

    What is the best way a company can build and manage its product mix and product lines? Be specific. Provide an example.

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    1. I would market the phone to the man as a work related accessory to make work and leisure time easier and more efficient. The number of apps available and their compatibility with various types of systems is one area of strength. The apps also include news, weather, sports, and many company specific working apps. I would also point to the reliability of the phone, the ability to reach more people in more geographic areas and the ease of using the phone. Everything is just a touch away including buying, selling, information, and fun. Access to phone, text, email and chat are all on the phone.

    A teenage girl will be more interested in the apps for fun and games, music, and movies/television. Picture taking ...

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