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    Retailers and Retailing

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    What is Retailing? Who are Retailers? Where are Retailers? Is it possible to be a "sort-off" Retailer?

    From chapter1, discuss at least 2 ideas to address these questions. When discussing each of these ideas... and to help us follow what you have to say, please underline one (1) keyword to delineate that idea. That way we can easily follow your ideas.

    Retailing, 7th edition, Thomson South-Western, 2011
    Authors: Patrick Dunn and Robert Lusch.

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    Retailing is the act of reselling products or goods to the customer. These usually are bought from a wholesaler or distributor and then resold to consumers.

    Retailers are the people and entities who resell the goods to consumers through stores, Online and on ground, through direct marketing, or other means. The key here is ...

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    The solution discusses what is retailing, and who and where the retailers are.