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    Reference Groups

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    Identify two reference groups to which you belong or with which you identify. How would you classify these groups, such as formal, informal, and so on? Explain how they might influence your choice of particular brands. Provide examples.

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    Two reference groups that I belong to are worth noting. They are Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association and Global Residual Income Association. In regards to Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, this group is informal. We do have shirts that we wear, but it is quite sparingly, and usually during meetings or when we volunteer for various events within the community. This does influence me on the brands I do choose to buy. The organization I am with gets the actual stories from the police of what really happened upon capturing a criminal. When attending meetings throughout the year, they stress not to believe everything the media says because of time constraints, and not everything is included with their ...

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    This solution identified two reference groups in which one belongs to or identifies, and how an individual would classify them as well as how they might influence a person's choice of a brand with examples.