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Points-of-differences and points-of-parity are

Points-of-differences and points-of-parity are two important concepts of brand development and are driven by two differing strategies-inclusion and differentiation. Devise a list of at least three other products/services that you believe demonstrate points-of-differences and points-of-parity in their brand positioning. You must include reasoning behind the inclusion of these products/services into a category. A good response will present "proof" of their correct selection by including advertising copy supporting the product or services POD or POP.

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Today the most successful brands keep up with competition by creating points of parity in those areas where competitors are trying to find an advantage while at the same time creating points of difference to achieve advantages over competitors in other areas. Dove is known as the creator of moisturizing bars (similar to soaps) moved into the dishwashing-liquid business with a product that claimed to "soften your hands as you do the dishes." However this product's sales results were very disappointing, perhaps because consumers were first looking for a dishwashing ...

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Points-of-differences and points-of-parity are discussed.