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Opinion on pop-ups

What is your experience with pop ups and how do you feel about them?
What is wrong with pop ups from a moral point of view?

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Pop ups at best are an irritation, at worst a dangerous tool used by others to conduct research on the user. I usually do not mind pop ups. They provide a minor irritation at times, loading my tool bars with too many open screens or creating a problem for my systems.

The necessary use of pop up blockers is a real pain in terms of the researcher, like me, who must go through and figure out which blocker is creating a problem when I am trying to access information for study. Additionally, the pop up blockers are an automatic installation with some software, some programs, and some toolbars. It is an irritant to go and search out the correct blocker to allow pop ups. There is also the added need to got into computer internet options and reset the program to allow pop ups from some programs and websites.

I have found the pop ups to be sometimes quite informative or to allow me to learn about a site or ...

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An opinion on the morality and concerns about pop-ups (computer). Discussion includes the good things about pop-ups along with the irritating and dangerous problems.