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Some global companies use a standardized advertising message around the globe, changing the copy in minor ways to adjust for language differences. Other companies fully adapt their communications to local markets even the brand name sometimes.

Why is it possible to approach markets so differently? Give examples of these two approaches (using real companies) and justify their use.

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Advertisement is one of the means by which companies promote their products or inform actual and potential buyers about their offers. Other forms of promotion include publicity and personal selling. All of these forms of promotions intend to attain the basic objectives such as: (a) informing target buyers of new offers, (b) informing them of certain changes in existing offers, or (c) informing them that the company still exists and is ready to continue filling up the needs of target buyers. Other objectives may include: stimulating buyers to repeat purchases or purchase in bigger volumes and convincing existing purchasers that they made the right decision in buying the company's product (Kotler and Keller, 2006).
Because of the need to disseminate to people about the company's offers as well as the need to maintain competitiveness, companies normally allocate a certain percentage in their budget on advertisement. Advertisements may be conveyed in different media, ...

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The solution discusses why it is possible to approach markets so differently and gives two examples.

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