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Many people today do not know which fork to use when they are invited to a seven-course dinner. They don't know the proper way to eat a strawberry or butter a piece of bread. To provide this etiquette knowledge, many companies, especially those in the Silicon Valley, are hiring a service that teaches an eight-hour course in etiquette. Use the four characteristics of service to describe this etiquette teaching service and provide one method that can be used to reduce the problems associated with each characteristic.

Kotler, P. (2003). Marketing Management, 11/E. Prentice Hall. Chapters 14,15, and 16, Pages. MBA

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Here is some info regarding the four characteristics of service:

Information scientists are often providing services (eg advice, or searches), rather than physically distinct products. Marketing experts acknowledge that marketing a service is more difficult than marketing a tangible product. They identify the following as being characteristic of services:

* Intangibility the service cannot be touched or viewed, so it is difficult for clients to tell in advance what they will be getting;
* Inseparability of production and consumption the service is being produced ...