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Marketing Plan for Tutoring Service

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Name a product or service in which you have great amount of familiarity/knowledge and for which you will answer all of the marketing strategy questions. Develop an objective for marketing this product/service. Develop an Action Plan for the objective you have written.

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The following posting helps develop a marketing plan for a tutoring service.

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- Service
My Center School tuitions

The service to provide tuitions would include help with student's homework, identification of his or her weak areas, working on these areas to convert them into areas of strengths.

- Service Description
My Center's service commitment lies within the methodology that is used for teaching. Unlike traditional teaching, new age method would be used which would consist of visual aids, animation, videos, and presentations. It would allow for better assimilation of concepts without burdening students with load of data. It would also periodically assess student's learning by conducting frequent tests. These tests would serve as reference point for offering money back to parents. If the student shows consistent performance at the center money back option is provided to parents. In such case if the student's performance does not improve in the school in next six months of joining My Center, entire tuition fees would be reimbursed.

- Location
My Center is a Detroit based tuition center. It is located two blocks away from Detroit train station. The area is surrounded by shopping center, two schools and several other commercial offices. It is convenient for parents to drop their children at the center as the center is located in prime location which attracts maximum number of people. People in general visit the complex at least once during the day.

- Market Needs
The market needs are obvious, students want to score more and parents want their children to be among toppers. ...

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