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How Has Advertising Changed? Compare/Contrast

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How has advertising changed, and how has it remained the same?

Pick a product you saw advertised when you were a child or teen, and discuss how it was advertised then and how it is advertised now. Is there any difference? Why do you think there has been a change? What if anything remains the same about the ads now compared with then?

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Advertising has become more integrated through multiple channels, and has created more interaction and connection with the consumer than previously. When I was growing up the primary forms of advertising were television, radio, coupons in the Sunday paper, and print advertisements. Products were fairly standardized, and the type of product would dictate where the item would be advertised. Automobiles would be print and television, pharmaceutical drugs would not be advertised, food products would be in print, coupons, television and radio, restaurants on television and radio ("two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, ...

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This detailed solution discusses how advertising has changed, and how it remains the same as it was in the past. It picks a product as an example, discusses the two advertising strategies, discusses possible reasons for the change, and anything that remained the same. It includes examples and links.