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Evaluating gaming promotions in a casino


Google the latest gaming promotions. Select three different promotions and evaluate them:
What is the promotion and how does it work?
Who is the customer they are trying to attract?
Does the promotion remain consistent to the casino? Why or why not?

Any help is appreciated. Attached is an explanation and examples of promotions.


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Attached is my response.

Latest gaming promotions offered by casinos across the U.S. include:

Car rental discount coupons
This promotion gives customers coupons for rental discounts when booking is done through the casino's site. Examples of coupons are:
- One free weekend day with rental of a compact through full size (3-day minimum rental, 5-day maximum).
- Free car class upgrade with the rental of a compact through full size two-door car in the U.S. or Canada.
- $20 off a rental of 5 days or more.

Along with rental discounts, if customers make rental booking through the link provided by the casino, they are further eligible for certain discount ...

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The expert evaluates gaming promotions in a casino. Whether promotion remains consistent to the casino is determined.