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Develop Marketing Strategies for Company's Computing Product

You are a member of a team that has been assigned to develop marketing strategies for the company's home office computing product lines:

-Desktop PCs
-Notebook computers
-Handheld minicomputers

Choose one of these product lines and describe how you would market the product to any three of the following groups:

-Your parents
-Your children or,
-Your grandparents

Decide whether it would be best to:
-Target all three generational groups
- Specialize on one group

Explain your decision. If you select the option to specialize on one group, identify the group and explain why you selected it.

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It might be intersecting to specialize on one group - regarding the Handheld minicomputers.

To target all three groups would probably be a waste. Children would not be able to use the Handheld minicomputers and there would be a good chance that the computers would get lost, or break, or get full of jam (kids always have sticky fingers). Grandparents would be uninterested in this device since it would probably be too small. At this age, people need bigger fonts, not a small tiny device. Parents would probably be uninterested in the minicomputer since they probably have work to do on it, and it would be hard to type up a report or analyze data on a minicomputer.

So the best group to be targeted on would be "yourself" young, urban ...

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This posting will look at how to develop a marketing strategy with regards to handheld minicomputers, who you should target, and what the strategy should focus on.