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Ansoff Matrix


Why learning about marketing strategies and the Ansoff matrix can be important to the IT manager?


Marketing strategy is what you will do to accomplish marketing goals and objectives. Overall approaches such as market penetration, product development, market development, relationship marketing, mass marketing, mass customization, 'niching', and diversification are all examples of such strategies. Strategies are implemented through tactics, and the traditional marketing foci of the "4 Ps" - product, price, promotion, and place (or distribution) - are the principal categories of tactics in the marketing wars. Neither strategies nor tactics are determined in a vacuum. They are determined in terms of the mission, and vision of the organization and the environmental variables faced by that firm.

Back in 1957, a time so antique that few remember it even existed, Igor Ansoff wrote an article for the Harvard business review in which he discussed issues of marketing strategy and formulated what is still referred to as the "Ansoff matrix". For him, this was both a good and a bad thing -- his name is inextricably linked with this matrix, which still has considerable currency, and thus will live indefinitely in the annals of marketing; on the other hand, it is the only thing for which he is remembered, and having your entire life summed up in one two-by-two table must be vaguely disconcerting. In any event, this matrix is, as we said, still widely used and constitutes an interesting starting point for considering marketing strategies.

Since all anyone remembers of the article is the matrix, it's not really worth going back to the source, which is in any event, seriously outdated in terms of its illustrations. The best places to find out about this tool are probably applied websites such as these:



QuickMBA (2007) The Ansoff Matrix

You may also wish to google the phrase "Ansoff matrix" or any variation on that it seems useful to you. In addition, the background information contains a variety of links related to marketing strategies and related material and your attention is called to it.

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Why learning about marketing strategies and the Ansoff matrix can be important to the IT manager?

The majority of today's products are marketed on the internet. A company's website is run by the company's IT manager. The matrix helps the IT manager in the following ways:

1) Once the IT manager is aware of the product and what the product will do, he or she will work with the marketing manager to:

a) Penetrate the current market with the ...

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