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    Describe the type of media that might be most suitable

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    Describe the type of media that might be most suitable for promoting:

    (a) tomato soup,
    (b) greeting cards,
    (c) a business component material, and
    (d) playground equipment.

    Specify any assumptions necessary to obtain a definite answer.

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    The choice of media to be used for promoting products varies with not only the product to be promoted, but with the industry's characteristics within which the product belongs to. Different products appeal to different target audiences differently, and the particular desired result is a huge factor in the determination of the media to be used for the product's promotion. Towards this end, we will look at the appropriate media that might be most suitable for the promotion of the following products:

    (a) tomato soup

    Tomato soup is a product that is used almost within every household albeit in different forms, i.e. in liquid form or while solid. For tomato soup, the fact that it has beneficial ingredients that affect each of us, ...

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