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Customer's Unmet Needs

Thinking about customer's unmet needs how can a marketer identify those needs? Why is it important to consider product substitutes for unmet needs?

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There is 2 ways to think of this problem:

1) products are created because of unmet needs
2) markets create the idea of unmet needs in the mind of the consumer.

In the first case, a product is developed and marketed to fulfill a need. An example could be the Swifer line of products. Consumers wanted a line of cleaning products which made cleaning easy, so the product was created.

How do marketers know what needs are unmet?
- it could be done by consumer research. Marketers could conduct surveys, focus groups and opinion polls asking consumers what type of products they wished they had, and then they could go out to create it
- companies could actually look at the products available on the market and assess where the gaps are, and then they could come up with a product to fill the gaps
- companies could look at other markets to see what types of different products are offered in different regions or even different countries. They can then do market research to see if this ...

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