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Caron Furniture Case Study: Development and Marketing

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Briefly discuss, from a marketing perspective, the advantages and disadvantages for Caron Furniture should it expand regionally (as opposed to nationally) within the U.S. market.
Caron has built its reputation on the design and manufacture of wooden office furniture. The case study clearly indicates that metal office furniture accounts for approximately 75% of the North American market, with wooden products making up the balance of 25%. Briefly list and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Caron should it decide to launch a new line of hybrid office furniture, constructed of both wood and metal.

What competitive advantages, if any, do you see if Caron proceeds with the development and marketing of this new line of hybrid wood and metal office furniture? Please be specific.

Use Case study Caron Furniture Ltee. (9A99M025).

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The question wants you to discuss the marketing viewpoint of the Caron case. Then the question wants you to discuss the pros and cons of regional expansion into the US markets and the nationwide expansion in the US markets. The question also wants you to discuss the competitive advantages of venturing into the hybrid manufacturing and selling of the products.

There are several assumptions which the question makes. The question presupposes that the company will be able to manufacture hybrid furniture at competitive prices. This is not supported by the case. Second, the question assumes that the company has built its reputation on the design of its products, however, in the US market this is irrelevant because the Caron designs need to be improved and its line needs to be expanded for marketing in the US markets. Third, the question assumes that regional and national expansion are two watertight strategies which have to decided beforehand, however this is not supported by evidence. Even if the company decides to have its showrooms only in New York and Chicago, still it will have to advertise in national trade journals and ...

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