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Human Resource management

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Yves Richard and the senior management team may well sanction a significant expansion into the United States market. If this expansion takes place, it will clearly have an impact on the overall HR flow of Caron Furniture, in both Canada and the U.S. Identify two or three of the more important elements of the overall HR flow, and suggest how the VP of HR at Caron might approach addressing its impact.

If the expansion plan includes a move towards a direct sales force rather than selling through agents, suggest how a reward structure for a direct sales force could be devised that would support Caron Furniture's strategic expansion plan. Explain why you chose the three you write about.

Please do not reply with attachments as i cannot open them. thanks.

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The question is asking you to identify three critical human resource flows, describe the effect of the HR flows in respect of the expansion into the US market and give a reward structure for the sales force.
<br>There are some assumptions which the question makes. First, the question wants you to identify two or three critical elements of HR flow, this is not substantiated by reality, the VP typically also has to control the subsidiary flows or there will be HR problems. For instance, the moment some employees are transferred to USA and they receive their salaries in US dollars there will be a clamor for US positions and those who do not get postings in the US will be dissatisfied. Second, the company never addresses the issue of whether the employees in the US will have ownership rights and stock options, if this were also offered then there might be a ...

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