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    Captive Audience Marketing

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    I spent all day today flying, and I noticed how companies market the captive audience on an airplane. For instance, I flew United, and they served only Pepsi products. With my breakfast meal, they included Eclipse Mints for after the meal and a bag of Starbucks ground coffee for passengers to take home and enjoy. The airlines themselves have magazines that they include in the seat backs, which have articles, information about the airline, and plenty of advertisements.

    Question: Do you think this type of marketing works well, or do you think that people find it annoying? What other forms of captive audience marketing have you seen?

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    I think in instances when you are on an airplane or in any place that you "have" to be, it is more beneficial than "annoying" to have those products given to you. Obviously, the airline could not give people the breath mints or could use generic soft drinks however I appreciate when I am getting something that I am not explicitly paying for and I understand the need for those companies to advertise especially since they are not getting paid for those products the same amount of money they would be if the product was ...