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    3 Trends in the Sales Profession

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    Within the past several years, business and society overall have seen changes that have significantly impact the sales profession. Such as technologically-based, such as e-commerce Web sites and smart cell phones with powerful voice and data capabilities. But there have been other types of changes, such as an increased emphasis on establishing an ongoing relationship with a customer, rather than simply making a sale.

    Describe three relevant current or future trends you envision, and describe how you think each trend will impact the sales profession.

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    Here are three trends:

    1. People are getting rid of their home telephones and relying solely on their cell phones. This eliminates telemarketing for a whole segment of the population. FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers from calling cell phones. This eliminates one method of marketing but also further endears the cell phone/smart phone to the consumer, allowing them to use their phone to receive calls, text, have use of the Internet all of which have the ability to connect consumers to advertisers. Sales professionals need to be able to change the way they have been marketing to capture these new trends.

    2. Advertisers are becoming more ...

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    This solution details current and future trends such as increased emphasis with establishing an ongoing relationship that will impact the sales profession in the future. It includes links and examples.