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Attention and comprehension affects interprets a commercial

Can you help me explain how attention and comprehension might affect how you interpret a commercial on television? Provide an example.

Provide an example of how an existing attitude can be activated from memory and used as a basis for interpreting new information. Then, provide an example of how activated knowledge might be integrated with other knowledge to make a decision.

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Mountain Dew has commercials that take full attention and some idea of what the product is to make sense. There are several commercials that fall under this type of advertising. If a person does not understand the meaning of the images they might not take the time to consider the product. Adversely, if people see something they do not understand it could cause them to think of the product more often and possibly investigate the product. This is one of the dichotomies of advertising. Tying a product to a specific person or event can also affect how people interpret the commercial. If a commercial features ice skaters and the person watching is not focused on the advertisement fully, the image they will remember is the skaters. While this is good for the person who enjoys ice skating, people who do not like skating, prefer boxing or wrestling will be less inclined to get the message correct because of the choice of representation. At the same time, the placement of the advertisement during certain programs, events, sports ...

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Attentions and comprehensions affects for interpreting a commercial on television is examined.