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    In school are there regular classes, special Ed classes, and Aphasia classes. I want to know more about Aphasia students. How do they become Aphasic students? Was it because of brain injury, born that way or what? On the other hand, what if the mom took something during pregnancy that could have caused the child to have a birth defect. Could that defect of the child cause a learning disability? The child may understand what is being said to them; however, the Aphasic child cannot express what he or she wants to say. The child may know what he/she wants to express; however, unable to do so. In the classroom, there are 8 to 10 students, plus two teachers who help students to learn and give quality time where needed. In a regular class room there are 30 students and one teacher. I hope someone can help me to understand the specifics of Aphasia.

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    In general, aphasia is a language disorder that is acquired (in children or adults) in which there is an impairment or difficulty in the production or understanding of language. Aphasia literally means "lack of speech." The word "acquired" is important here because it indicates that aphasia, the inability or disruption of speech expression or comprehension, is not genetic or inherited but the result of an injury or insult to an individual. These symptoms can be present when using either written or spoken words.
    So, to begin, there are a number of symptoms that can be present when an individual is diagnosed or suspected of having aphasia.
    - Inability to comprehend language
    - Inability to pronounce/form words or speak spontaneously
    - Inability to name objects, repeat words, speak grammatically, form sentences
    - Inability to read, write

    These symptoms are acquired, not inherited. So they are ...

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    The expert explains what aphasia is and how it may occur in children and adults.