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    Advertising and Planning

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    This is my slide:

    . Supply P.Ds and Highway Patrol with hands free phones.

    .Use positive testimonials for advertising.

    .Television & Radio campaigns in densely populated areas, Print media in other areas.

    ..Variety of packages after market and vehicle installed.

    .discount seniors and teenage drivers.

    This is an example of a slide from last week and this is where I need help.


    .free tickets
    .meet the Players

    And this is where I need help: I said "This is some of the ideas we have for bring back the fans and free tickets for the first 30 days and the fans would meet the players before and after the games for pictures and autographs."

    I am afraid of public speaking and I forget my lines and I mispronounce words. Can you help me with my presentation and how to word it. THANKS A MILLION!!

    This is my portion of the paper we wrote as a team of 5:

    As you can see I only have ONE slide, because I panic in front of the class and it is obvious to the rest of the class, because when we finish our presentation we ask if they have any questions and one of the students will say something like this: "I DIDN'T LIKE WHAT YOU SAID"


    As part of the strategy to get the word out, one tactic deployed will be to supply urban police departments, as well as the most populous states' highway patrols with hands-free cell phones. The officers will test the hands-free units for 90 days.

    After the officers complete the field tests, those officers with the most positive testimonials will be used as spokespersons for hands-free cell phones. This will be a key element of a massive advertising campaign. In the most populous States, television and radio advertising will be used to get the message out. print media will be used in the less populous states where newspaper circulation provides greater coverage than television or radio.

    A variety of different 'packages' will be offered for hands-free cell phones. Some of these packages will include communications cut-off devices attached to the vehicle's speedometer and activated when illegal or unsafe speeds are reached. The cut-off speed can be determined by region using GPS technology integrated with respective state highway speed limits, or by company protocols to restrict an employee's cell phone use while operating an automobile, thus reducing the risk of an accident while conducting business on the road. Emergency services, such as those dialing 911 and providing a GPS location when automopbile airbags deploy, will be integrated into the hands-free devices.

    In order to establish and maintain market share within the growing elderly population, discounts will be given to senior citizens. similar discounts will be provided to younger drivers. Since they are the most likely age group to be involved in an automobile accident, prices on hands-free devices to consumers within these two key demographics will be further discounted when accompanied by the purchase of airbag deployment kits.

    Additional safety tactics include production of a microphone with a built in alcohol detection sensor. The microphone will turn off all phone options except the 911/GPS function. Along with the microphone's alcohol detection sensor, an additional device communicates with the vehicle's ignition switch and disables the engine when alcohol levels exceeding state legal limits or individually set levels are detected.

    The final PR tactic is an optional dialing pad located in the steering wheel that only operated when the vehicle is going less than 5 miles per hour, minimizing the risk of driver distraction.

    The use of tactics involving both law enforcement and corporate protocols, the aforementioned PR strategy should produce successful results with CEO's and police officers leading the way, accompanied by the introduction of safe, easier to use hands-free cell phones, the motoring public will feel much more at ease on the road.

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