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    American Intercontinental Brainstorming Conference

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    Discuss a new product you wish to launch and the marketing plan you will develop over the next five weeks. Since nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements have been signed, this venue provides a unique opportunity to share ideas with peers about your product.

    What product, good, or service will you be working with? Provide details about the company and its products. (Remember that you will be working with the company for the next 5 weeks)
    Give advice to at least two other participants. You may have some great ideas that can help another individual or perhaps there are some questions you need to be ask about a product.

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    The following document discusses the launch of private banking and wealth management services for individuals and corporate clients of ethnic origin in USA. United States is a land of immigrants. There is a large Asian, African, European and Middle eastern population which have migrated to USA and settled there. Out of these immigrant population, one of the richest community is the Asian population, specially Chinese and South Asians(people from India). They are considered to be the most affluent ethnic communities in USA. There are not many financial services companies in USA which are targeting these niche ethnic segments with focused strategies. The idea to launch personalised private banking, wealth management and financial services to these niche segments arisies from the fact that there is a lot of investible income within these segments which needs to be tapped.

    Company: ABC inc. is a boutique investment firm offering broker dealer, wealth management, private banking and investment consulting services to high net worth individuals and corporate clients. The company is headquartered in the Wall Street area of New York City, the financial capital of the world. The company has branches in major cities of USA such as Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Miami. The company employs over 100 financial advisors catering to investors all over USA. The company is a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, USA and is an accredited broker dealer to trade on NYSE and NASDAQ. The company has a dedicated team of research analysts, back office personnel and advisors to provide investment advices.

    Mission: The mission is to target the niche Asian population and raise money for investments in equities, derivatives, fixed income products and mutual funds from them. The company plans to open a new business division to specifically target these segments.

    SWOT analysis:

    Strengths : The major strength of the company is that it is already in the financial services field for many years. It has a proven track record amongst its customers. It has been successfully managing money of investors and growing over the years. The ocmpany is located in the financial hub of the world and has affiliations from leading organizations.

    Weaknesses: The company is relatively new to ethnic marketing. The ...

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    The following document discusses the launch of private banking and wealth management services for individuals and corporate clients of ethnic origin in USA.