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    Managerial Approach to Marketing

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    You have been invited to attend the American Intercontinental Brainstorming Conference, a meeting of elite entrepreneurs and marketing executives. You will use this forum to discuss a NEW product you wish to launch and the marketing plan you will develop over the next five weeks. Since nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements have been signed, this venue provides a unique opportunity to share ideas with peers about your product.

    * Develop a hypothetical new product or service (preferable one that is feasible) you would like to focus on in this class over the next five weeks. Discuss the qualities that make this product new to the marketplace. (At this point, there is no need to discuss the aspects of your marketing strategy.)
    * The goal is to apply learned concepts and build a marketing plan for your product or service from the ground up. You will not be allowed to mimic plans or ideas from larger or already "in-place" campaigns. You must think on your own two feet.
    * Critique the work of at least two other participants. You may have some great ideas that can help another individual or perhaps there are some questions you need to be asking about their product.

    After the development phase, you'll be focusing on launching your product or service into the marketplace. Keep in mind that this assignment is about marketing a product/service to your target customer group - it's not about operating a company.

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    The product that my company developed, is not only efficient, but will be affordable and is a
    dream com true for everyone. We focused on keeping the product efficient in order to produce popularity and make the product marketable. The focus of my intent was to come up with a product that serves a very important purpose and that's efficiency, which will minimize the time in doing Laundry. The concept is environmentally safe, convenient, efficient, and cost effective. It is somewhat like a drier sheet, but we have created the product for a whole different purpose. The name of the proposed product is Quick Clean. There are many drier sheets and fabric softeners available to the consumer and most reduce the wrinkles and static as promised. My product looks like a drier sheet, but serves a different purpose. Quick Clean is placed in the drier with stained clothes and removes the stain in ten minutes and removes wrinkles out of any clothing and fabric. The sheet dissolves in the 10 minutes of usage so there is nothing to throw away. This product provides a dual purpose, the first is making the process of getting stains ...

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    The solution examines a managerial approach to marketing. The solution develops a hypothetical new product or service and discusses the qualities that make this product new to the marketplace.