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Alienware Computers: Facilities and Structure

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Research an international company- Alienware Computers

3. Are its production facilities centralized or decentralized?

5. What type of organizational structure does it have?

Cite; add references; use APA format.

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Alienware computers facilities and structures are examined in the solution.

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Operational Facilities and Organizational Structure of Alienware Computers


Alienware computers is a wholly own subsidiary of Dell Computers (Alienware, 2008). It is a hardware company. The company is known for its differentiated approach. There will be a discussion of production facilities and organizational structure of Alienware Computers.

Production Facilities

Production facilities of this computer hardware company are decentralized. Its main branches are located at Costa Rica, Australia and Ireland (Alienware, 2008). Production facilities of the company are located into different countries that reflect their decentralized nature. At Alienware, production facilities are segmented at different locations that have their own decision making regarding the production process. Due to differences in the location, production facilities of Alienware Computers can be categorized under decentralized structure. There are some key features of its decentralized production ...

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