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Analyzing operations facilities

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Given the following companies, Boeing (airliner manufacturer) and Dell Computer (computer manufacturer), which facility layout would be the most suitable for each? Justify your response. How would each company determine the location of their facilities? List the specific needs and requirements of each company when determining location.

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Analysis of facility layout for two different manufacturers. Considers the products being assembled, location, and industry needs of each.

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You need to compare and contrast the different needs for Boeing (Airliner manufacturer) vs. Dell (Computer Manufacturer) for facility lay out and facility location. Let's start with the layout...

Think about the products each is manufacturing and how you would set up the production line for building a computer vs. an airplane. Aircraft are large, consist of many electromechanical assemblies, and occupy quite a bit of space. Aircraft manufacturing is also likely to be low volume (you're not building that many) and high mix (each one is different or customized for your customer). The layout of the manufacturing facility is likely to be a large hanger-type structure with tools and equipment around the perimeter. Assemblers would converge on the aircraft (or aircrafts) being assembled. The assemblers will move about the facility according to where their skills are needed.
Contrast this with computer manufacturing. Computers (compared to ...

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