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Direct Marketing: Applied Managerial Marketing

Explore both direct marketing and the issue of privacy. One of the most challenging issues for direct marketers is privacy. Privacy affects a direct marketer's ability to both find and reach its audience. This has been an ongoing concern for GGI and now is the time to address it in a formal manner.

Answers the following questions:

1. What is Direct Marketing (DM)? Describe at least three forms of communication that direct marketers utilize (e.g. direct mail catalogs). What are the key benefits and challenges with each of these three approaches? Give your answer from both the consumer point of view and from the marketer's point of view.

2. How do direct marketers obtain consumer information? What are some of the issues faced in effectively and appropriately using this data?

3. What is personalization? Give examples of personalized marketing. What does a marketer hope to achieve with a personalization strategy? What are the key factors of a personalized approach?

4. How could GGI use direct marketing in this project and at the same time protect the customer's privacy?

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