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    Ford Fusion 2014

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    What are the key issues that Ford Motor Company must understand, consider and/ or face today in relation to the 2014 Ford Fusion?

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    The key issues that Ford Motor Company must understand in relation to 2014 Ford Fusion are as follows. The first issue is the price. It must be affordable and must compete with other midsize cars. The next issue Ford must consider is the engine of 2014 Ford Fusion. Its engines must deliver sufficient power to make the driver feel confident. The engine should allow smooth shifts. The third issue is the precision of steering. There should be sufficient crash testing. A good post-crash alert system is required. The fourth issue is the comfort ...

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    This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of important issues related to Ford Fusion 2014. The key issues that Ford Motor Company must understand is determined. The response also contains the sources used.