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    Ford- Opportunities and Threats

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    Using the Hoover's online database in the Shapiro Library and annual reports, research an organization to analyze its SWOT using concepts from this module to examine two areas:
    Identify a potential threat or opportunity facing this organization. Then, identify a specific strength that this company possesses and suggest how the organization could exploit this strength to overcome the potential threat or exploit the potential opportunity you have identified in its macro environment. (So, do not suggest what the company has already done; rather, identify a specific strength it has now and a possible threat or opportunity you have identified in its macro environment that it must still address).
    Strategically, how could the organization improve on a specific weakness you have identified so that the organization becomes more competitive?

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    The company selected for this assignment is Ford Motors.

    The key opportunity facing this organization is the growing demand for hybrid cars. If companies such as Ford and Toyota are able to come up with improved hybrids with better mileage, driving dynamics and improved value proposition for buyers, these cars will surely become mainstream across the globe. There is tremendous growth opportunity for Ford to take the top position and beat ...

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    The solution discusses the opportunities and threats faced by Ford.