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    Effective Distribution System

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    1. What are the basic functions of an effective distribution system in mature markets? Please provide an example for a mass consumption product. As online shopping across country borders becomes feasible and accepted, what are the demands on the countries' distribution systems (including customs duties) that need to be handled? (minimum of 350 words and references)

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    Consider the role in an effective distribution hones either from the States or another country their management in handling their "collective model of partners" to assure the set of interdependent organizations and intermediaries process for manufacturing the product or service. Basically, the channel decisions are imperative on the (1) long term commitments amongst the distribution groups (2) decipher corresponding marketing decisions that either support or delay positive returns for immediate application.

    Try and think in terms of a mass consumption product, such as, vitamins that many consumers order online for their medical needs. Thus, in such a case study, the basic functions and initial demands on the countries' distribution systems can range ...

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    The review into an effective distribution system that highlights ecommerce business model.