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Industry leaders and models

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1. Over the years a number of firms have tried to change their positioning for a variety of competitive reasons. Choose a firm in the global marketplace who has changed their positioning over the recent past. Describe the firm's original positioning strategy and then describe the firm's revised positioning strategy. How did customers react to this change in positioning strategy - was it successful or not? Why?

2. Pick an industry and discuss examples of companies implementing various strategies such as Market Leader, Market Challenger, Market Follower, and Market Nicher. Describe the specific marketing techniques being used in pursuit of these strategies

Note this is an MBA Question, Please provide references used.

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Using the information provided, I have provided you with an outline. If you have any further questions, please ask. I included some websites, but for the specific sites in the second question, go to their websites if you need further information.

Paypal did not start out as the company it is today. It was conceived as a completely different type of company. The company then introduced itself as a company that transmitted money via PDA's. As it is in the current form, was not considered in 1998, when the company formed. It did not intend to become a bank of sorts, where money is transferred into and out of people's accounts in a safer, easier way than the use of banks. Paypal is solely online and has limited ways to add money to an individual's accounts. These include a bank backup and using a specific type of money card available widely, to add money to accounts. Paypal does not present banking information. It uses the email registration of its patrons as identification and this is the only way people using the system can identify accounts on the system. The company originally began as a cryptography company. This helped with finding a way to make ...

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Based on the supplied information a discussion on a company, Paypal, and its changing strategies along with a discussion on marketing strategies in the sports equipment industry.

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