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Self-directed Autonomous and Semiautonomous Work Teams

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Describe the significance of self-directed teams and the meaning of autonomous/semiautonomous work teams.

Need a minimum of 200 words to work with and any references/citations so that I can properly cite them on my paper please.

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Describe the significance of self-directed teams and the meaning of autonomous/semiautonomous work teams.

The main significance of a self-directed team is that fact that the company gives the team basic control over the day to day operations. This enables the team to feel empowered and able to make key decisions that will ultimately help the company move forward without the need of middle management managing them. A self-directed team is more in sync with their other teammates because they are all typically working toward a common goal. These types of teams are becoming more and more common in today's workforce. Self-directed ...

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This article provides a background and definition on what self directed teams are as well as what the meaning of autonomous and semi-autonomous work teams are.

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