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Conflict Resolution: Good, Better and Best

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How you would resolve conflict when have 4 team members fighting over which direction the project should go.
Please list 3 methods, then list the best method and provide details on why you think this is the best method.

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This is an interesting topic for me personally, as I am currently overseeing a program in which a project manager and the primary subject matter expert seem to be at odds with each other on a regular basis. One will march into my cube and ask to talk to me privately to express his concern and within minutes of that conversation ending, the other one marches into my cube for a similar conversation but in the opposite direction. If I had four of them doing this, each pulling in different directions, I might be tempted to start looking for new people to staff my project! However, that is easier said than done. Both individuals have put ALOT of work into the project and we are at a stage where replacing bickering staff members is just not realistic. We are on the verge of closing out the project with our vendor, and making personnel changes at this point might resolve the conflict (between my two resources), but it would put the project in jeopardy. It helps to recognize that only passionate people fight about the things they feel strongly about. Having four passionate people on the same team is not something to take for granted. As the project manager, the goal is to direct that passion and energy to activities that move the project forward rather than paralyze it. Discord within the project team is probably a ...

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This solution addresses the various ways of resolving conflict within a team and makes recommendations on the most efficient method.

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