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    Excellence in diversity leadership and management

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    What constitutes excellence in diversity leadership, and what makes an organization exemplary in diversity management?

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    Diversity in this context means to see the business talent in all kinds of employees, including those who look, act, move, or speak differently, or have a different place of birth. The value of fostering this attitude in an organization is demonstrated in the realization that ability does not exist in only one kind of personality, nor is it develop out of only one kind of intelligence or experience.

    It does not mean affirmative action in the way that some define it; the people evaluated have to have the business talent and the potential to improve and excel. This is where it becomes necessary for the leadership in an organization to have the skills to identify that talent, and to provide an environment that would help it grow.

    Don Clark, an award winning human resource consultant and business training designer, provided on his website "Big Dog, Little Dog" a number of very good strategies to foster exemplary diversity leadership. The first ...

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    This is a description of the specific leadership skills that are necessary to develop employees with diverse backgrounds into productive business assets.