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difference between a product and a service

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Write 400 words explaining the difference between a product and a service, as well as differences or similarities in how they are marketed/positioned in the marketplace WITH EXAMPLES. Include at least three references and to put quoted material in quotes.

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Product and service are different in numerous ways. First of all, a product is tangible whereas service is intangible. Secondly, the production, distribution and consumption of products take place at different times whereas in the case of service, production and consumption takes place at the same time. Third, product has shelf life whereas service is perishable. Finally, products are homogeneous whereas services are heterogenous, ie, products delivered to the customer are similar whereas services delivered to the customer vary from each other. Products are manufactured whereas services are delivered to the customer. Products are used whereas services are experienced by the customer. Products are impersonal whereas services carry a personal touch.

Now, let us see the implications of these differences on product and service marketing. Although both product and service marketing in today's competitive ...

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Write 400 words explaining the difference between a product and a service

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