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Service and Product Design

The manager wants the production department to be aware of the differences between service and product design when designing and producing the new running shoe. Department members are confused as to how they can design the product with service as a key factor. Complete the following:

- Write a memo to the production department explaining the difference between service and product design.
- Explain how it can incorporate service into the design process.

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TO: Production Department:
FROM: Service Engineer:
DATE: March 1, 2013
SUBJECT: Difference between service and product design

This memo will explain the difference between service and product design and show how service design can be incorporated into product design.

The difference between product design and service design is that product design is physical. For example, the shape of a soap bar is physical. On the other hand, services are not tangible. For example, cable TV services are not physical. The design of ...

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