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    Consumer solving process: Examples of buying experiences

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    Consumers use one of three problem-solving processes when purchasing goods or services; routinized response behavior, limited problem solving, or extend problem solving. Describe three buying experiences you have had in the last year (one for each type of problem solving), and identify which problem solving type you used. Discuss why that particular process was appropriate.

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    Let us start off by looking at the routinized response behavior. This is when you purchase something "routine", something that does not require much thought or deliberation. For example, if you run into the grocery store, and want to pick up a jug of milk for your family.

    So let us describe the buying experience. You enter your local grocery store. You might have already done your weekly shopping, but you realized as you poured your morning cereal that you finished the milk. This is a product that you consume on a daily basis, and you have come to find a brand of milk that you enjoy. You enter the store, and go straight to the dairy aisle. You pass the cheese, yoghurt, and then you come up to the milk section. You automatically pull your preferred brand right off of the shelf. You place it in your basket, and then you either pick up a few other items, or head straight to the check out area. You get home, put your milk in the fridge, and enjoy the next morning.

    Now, the first time you were shopping for milk, it might not have been the same situation. You would examine all the different types of milk (skim, fat free, 1%, 2%...), the different brands of milk, and the different containers of milk (gallon, half gallon, individual sizes..) At this stage, you take the time to evaluate the options (price, fat of milk, expiration dates...) and then you come up with your preferred option. However, after a few times, purchasing milk becomes routine, as you already know which product best suits your needs. Once this has been established, then we are looking at a routinized response behavior.

    Limited problem solving

    This is when a person needs to examine a few ...

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    Consumer solving process for examples of buying experiences are examined.